Zodiac Day


By Mike Chambers



The Sunday Show 19/02/12 was a bright sunny day and about fifty cars turned up but it turned a bit of a special day as “not one but two” of MCCE members turned up with classic Zodiac’s both blue, After moving the cars about we were able to photograph both with the owners.





























The Special with floor gear change.
















































This is the one with standard column gear change.




















The two blue’s






















The two Zodiac blue’s with owners.

I owned a 1959 Zodiac Executive in royal blue over grey which was crashed into by a BMC 1100 and written off , As to stop it I had to run into the road side wall to stop as after the 1100 had bounced off my front end I had no brakes and no front window screen. In the days when I had hair getting the glass out was quite some job with out cutting your head, As in those days screens shattered into millions of pieces.
















This is the best picture I can create from it being used at my wedding 48 years ago. I also owned a lime green zodiac similar to 411 KW but can not find a picture of it.


The group started in 2010 and at present has 156 members with cars from 50 different car manufactures, with club members owning 170 cars plus we have over 10 motor bike members.



All The Best