Thanks for attending last night and making it such a successful evening for Les and yourselves.

The food was excellent, the serving staff friendly and efficient and the Golf Club did us proud for an extremely reasonable cost.

Les I know was surprised and extremely thankful for all the attention and gifts showered on him. Just a pity that Maxine, who is unwell could not share in the evening. Never mind I’m sure there will be other occasions for us to thank her.

For those of you that didn’t see their gifts, Hayling gave them a photographic print of Les with his Humber and a superb bunch of flowers and we gave them a voucher for a meal at a local restaurant and Les’s tipple, a decent bottle of Rum. Les had a few rums during the evening so when I took him home he was a bit merry and wobbly.

I did think of leaving him on the doorstep, pressing the bell and doing a runner but I thought better of it. So we watched him open the door and fall over the threshold with armfuls of goodies.

​Best wishes to you all and thanks again. Barry


Well done Les and thanks to Hayling Legends for their presentation gifts to both Les and Maxine.