TR4 Surrey Top


By Mike Chambers



The TR 4 Surrey top, denotes the cars back window is a permanent fixture and a steel top can be fitted between the two windows thus becoming a hard top car, or this steel section can be left behind and the TR used as a open car with a soft fold away top carried in the boot which also fit’s between the front and rear windows.

BFH 127 B. Was first registered on the 4 th September 1964

( I have “Log Books” from original owner to myself the ninth owner)

The car was a special order in that it came from the factory with “Black” paintwork and “Red Leather” interior and wire wheels.

I purchased the car from a work colleague in May 1983 as a non working car (i.e. a heap of bits ) for £300.

The car was then restored starting in June 1983 and completed on the 19 th August 1983 at a cost of £3379.

The TR4 has been on the road and running continually since 1983 with only seven major repairs, and two minor one’s.

June 1988 - Rear spring Broken, new leaf made for LH & RH sets both sets re-tempered. (The back end was a bit down)

August 1988 - Front suspension re-bushed.

March 1992 - Cylinder head machined. (To cure water leaks)

August 1996 - Brake booster replaced. (Original unit beyond repair)

June 2003 - New Wire wheels and tyres fitted.

March 2007- New Clutch Fitted.

July 20011- Rear shock absorbers and Link Arms fitted.

October 20011- Voltage controller replaced (unit failed) This causes misfiring and engine will not run at increased revs. Also replaced leaking clutch slave cylinder.

The steel hard top came back on the TR from Mitchem where it was rebuilt once arriving at Selsey it was taken off and placed in my garage where it’s been ever since. As the soft top is quite rain proof (not at high speeds).


Now some pictures



Open top


















































I managed to purchase a period spot and fog lamps


































Reversing light is period, fog is not but front fog must have rear red (legal requirement)






















































The Engine Compartment


The engine is a long stroke pushrod 4-cylinder wet liner type of 2138 cc with twin Stromsberg Carbs. A 4speed gear box with over drive on 2nd 3rd and 4th. Power assisted front discs and rear drums



























The Dash Layout






















Driving in the rain, Soft top Fitted.



That’s about it,


All the Best