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Manhood Classics welcomes sponsors who are very much valued by our Club membership.



As a classics car club, we have on-line presence in three areas, two on Facebook and this website. Being a club for like minded sports and classics vehicle enthusiasts, we are keen to protect social enjoyment for our membership but at the same time, provide access to services etc which may be of related interest. Similarly, we acknowledge the interest and support from those who'd like to either advertise and / or sponsor within our club. To that end we have provided the guidelines below which we believe best serves all parties.

Facebook - Social page


NO ADVERTS, except for club members selling their cars and or classic car related spares. 


Facebook - Advertising page


- Dedicated to Business adverts and Private adverts, donations welcome but not obligatory.

- Itemised list of all Sponsors will be pinned to the page header. 




- Sponsor's advertising advert type and costs per annum;


- 1/4 page display               £25 

- 1/2 page display               £50 

-  Full page display             £100


Sponsors advertising will have page space provided on our website as outlined above. Included in the adverts' narrative will be direct link URLs to sponsor's own websites where applicable. 


Sponsors adverts will also be displayed at each of Manhood Classics monthly meets by means of a large board display.  


To place an advert on our Website, please use the messaging service provided in the Classified section.


To place an advert on our Facebook Advertising page, this can be done using your own FB account. Otherwise contact Krys Stokes who will be able to assist.

To provide sponsorship to Manhood Classics Club, please contact;


Les Payne and/or Krys Stokes with your details and preferred advertising method.   

Many thanks