Manhood Classics 2019 Supported Charities 

Manhood Classics Car Club is a Charitable organisation.


Our chosen Charities that we will be supporting in 2019 are as below;


- Selsey 1st Responders                                                      LINK

- Brent Lodge Wildlife Trust                                                   LINK

- The Old Gardens Animal Rescue Centre                              LINK

MC Charity Donations August 2019

Following another successful Summer Show, Manhood Classics donated monies to each our our preferred Charities.

Donations were presented by our club chairman Steve Denne.

£400 to Selsey 1st Responders

£400 to Brent Lodge Wildlife Trust

£400 to The Old Gardens Animal Rescue Centre

Photos below show the donations being received by the respective Charities all of which were gratefully appreciated.

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